Auto Chess: Top 10 Noob Mistakes.

Posted by Chester Dewet on 2019-06-30

Whether it’s rolling your way to bankruptcy in search of Goblin Mechs or relying on that fully levelled Axe to bring your warrior-only team back to life, we’ve got them all from best to worst.

01 Praising Goblin Mechs

There is no denying that the Goblin Mech build is powerful and versatile toward the beginning and end of the game. But if you’re rolling your life away in search of that big tinker, hoping and praying that somehow the few mechs that have scrapped their way across your numerous rolls are going to save you. No doubt, you will find that you are sorely mistaken.

02 Waiting For That Big Ol’ Level 3 Axe

Seriously, that level 3 hero you’ve been scouring pages and pages of heroes for is not gonna make that much of a difference. Many ‘a novice make this mistake, bargaining higher levelled heroes like Kunka (also a warrior) for empty rolls often times leaves you with nothing to show for it except your lack of liquidity.

03 IO Carnage

We’ve all been there. You place the elf IO on the board in suspense, waiting and watching for the carnage… but wait he just floats there looking like a piece of decoration. That’s because the IO piece functions as the final 3rd hero when combining duplicates of three to make bigger heroes.

04 Rolling up a Storm

The art of Auto Chess is the art of balancing between saving, rolling and collecting. Auto Chess is not the slot machines despite what many layman sceptics may claim. If you spend each move rolling instead of saving or picking up assets, you are wasting your time. There are many strategies around saving, a player is able to save up to fifty gold and earn an interest of +5, this is the maximum amount of interest a player can earn so many players try to keep their balances above fifty.

05 A Lock Button?

On your rolling screen, you might’ve noticed a lock button. This button allows you to hold onto any roll that you get. Many noobs don’t make use of this function but it can be a great tool for saving gold while still staying on track with your build.

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06 Chaos Compositions

As mentioned before, Auto Chess is a game of balance and a strong team is made up of a balance between levelled up heroes and effective synergies. Often times it is acceptable in the early game to sacrifice synergy for levelled up heroes. Synergies are most effective when the parts that make up the synergy are strong and well thought out. As a basic guideline, it is important to consider the following when constructing a team: in order for a team to survive and thrive it needs an effective balance of survivability and damage. For example, Demons and Mages are a great choice for damage. Warriors and knights are a great choice for survivability. There are also disables which fall under survivability such as Elemental, Humans and Shamans. It is important to weave together a team that is composed of both a good degree of survivability and damage but also takes into account the opponents builds and works to counter them.

07 Believing Luck

Save it for the slot machines. Auto Chess is a game of skill where every move counts. Although there is an element of chance involved, the game makes up for it with the ranking threshold, coming 4th place still allows you to progress through the ranks and so it works out that if one is faced with unfortunate luck, they are still be able to salvage a 4th place using skill.

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08 Juggling

Juggling is never a good idea. The term refers to when a player whose bench is full places one of their bench heroes on the board, overcrowding the board so that the player can roll through more heroes while scanning for hero upgrades. As a noob I made this mistake a number of times and more often than not, the timer runs out with your board still overcrowded and the game is forced to randomly sell any one of the overcrowding pieces. A devastating blow in a game where every move counts.

09 Skipping Duplicates

Especially in the early game, when the Auto Chess gods hand you duplicates, consider picking them up. Who knows maybe the next round you will be given the 3rd combining hero, this happens all the time.

10 Celebrating Before the Fat Lady Sings (The Victory Lap)

The victory lap refers to the last quarter of the game, when you’re doing well streaking, then something happens and your perfect mage synergy starts being countered by those ghastly Naga’s your opponent has seemingly picked up out of nowhere. This is the victory lap. Too many ‘a noob has thought that they can snag first place by riding off a single winning synergy but often times when versing an experienced opponent, one is forced to continually adapt and evolve right until the game is won. Always keep your team evolving and always plan your next move ahead of time.

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